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Our Story


At Level Crossing Brewing Company, our terroir, or defining characteristics, encapsulate the overall essence of passion and camaraderie. The red feather in our logo is a long-standing family tradition of always leaving an empty place setting for “Red Feather” at the dinner table. This is to celebrate the tradition of hospitality and inclusion. The empty seat is left open just in case a weary traveler, family member, or friend knocks on the door, so there would be a place for them to join.



A level crossing is a timeworn expression where an old dirt road meets a level railroad crossing… a crossroads where people can meet to share their stories and enjoy a laugh.


Owner Mark Medura grew up next to a level crossing and it quickly became significant in our brewery’s history. At his family cottage, in the summer, every Sunday the family would devour a huge brunch that famously came to be known as the “Lumberjack Special.” Local lore still echoes of those days! Everyone… neighbors, family, friends, anyone within shouting distance would be there. Everything was prepared on old railroad iron straddled over an open fire. Family folklore began at this gathering, told and retold as new generations arrived. This is where the sense of union, devotion, and generosity was embedded. Whether it’s sitting around the fire playing “remember when” or reminiscing about lost loved ones, these memories should be preserved and cherished.

Like many before him, owner Mark Medura started brewing his first batch on the stove. The subsequent boil over and spider in the fermenter (still have no idea how) notwithstanding, he was hooked. This started a quest to learn the brewing business.

After visiting 100’s of breweries conducting instinctive market research, 3 distinct imperatives became apparent:


This is a must in the craft beer industry.


Having a genuine story of why/how you got here wanting to start a brewery is central. People are interested in the backstory and the enthusiasm and passion you are trying to impart, and they relish becoming part of the on-going story.

Extraordinary Experience!

Having great food, exceptional staff, and a stylish, fun, environment for your customers provides them with lasting memories.