Our Donation Policy

At Level Crossing Brewing Company, we value our local community and attempt to support groups with kindhearted donations each year.

Due to a high volume of donation requests, we are unable to donate for every invitation.  In order to provide fairness, we have carefully identified a pre-determined criteria for consideration.

The areas we will consider donating towards are as follows:

  • Conservation & education of outdoor recreational efforts.
  • Local  performing & cultural art organizations that provide performers/artists with resources to accomplish and exhibit their work.

Unfortunately, we cannot donate to any political or religious organizations or affiliates.

We  will not  donate alcohol for sponsorships (i.e. free product), since it is illegal in the state of Utah.

If you would like Level Crossing Brewing Company to consider your donation request and you fit the above guidelines, please send an email with specifics of your request to donations@levelcrossingbrewing.com.

Your request must be submitted at least four (4) weeks prior to the event date to be considered.


Level Crossing Brewing Company